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David Ogilvy Quotes

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David Ogilvy was one of the most successful advertising executives of his generation. He is is often referred to as the "father of modern advertising." He was born in 1911 in England, and he studied at Oxford University. After a brief stint as a chef, he moved to New York City in 1938 and joined the advertising agency J. Walter Thompson. He quickly rose through the ranks, and by 1946 he was the agency's executive vice president. In 1952, he founded his own agency, Ogilvy & Mather. Under his leadership, the agency became one of the most prestigious in the world. Among his many famous campaigns were those for Dove soap, Shell oil, and Rolls-Royce cars. His most famous work includes the "Guinness is Good For You" campaign and the "Do You Know What Works Best on a Man's Face?" campaign for Dove soap. Ogilvy retired from active involvement in the agency in 1973, but he remained its chairman until his death in 1999. His book Confessions of an Advertising Man is considered a classic of the genre. Ogilvy's insights and innovations helped to shape the modern advertising landscape, and his legacy continues to inspire new generations of marketers.