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Marcel Proust Quotes

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Learn about Marcel Proust ...

Marcel Proust was a French writer famous for his massive work In Search of Lost Time. He was born in Paris in 1871, the son of wealthy doctor. Marcel was a sickly child and spent much of his time indoors reading. As a young man, he became involved in the world of high society and began writing short stories and plays. In 1909, he published his first book, Swann's Way. However, it was not until In Search of Lost Time was published that Proust achieved true literary fame. This seven-volume work tells the story of a man's life through the lens of his own memories. Proust's writing is known for its meticulous attention to detail and its deep exploration of themes like memory, time, and identity. He died in 1922 before he could complete the final volume of In Search of Lost Time. Even so, his work continues to be read and admired by many.